Red Nose Day 2019

Friday 15 March 2019

Well done to everyone for embracing Red Nose Day during Friday and in particular during whole school assembly. The children and staff formed a sea of red clothes, noses and even hair!  The assembly, ably hosted by Jiya, Jacob and Ahmad, shared the purpose of Red Nose Day and Comic Relief, supporting organisations and families both at home and in other countries. The children had a real life example of a young teenage boy losing his treasured art equipment as he escaped his home country and now lives in a refugee camp. The happy ending was money donated last year was able to give new art equipment. It helped the children to see that the contributions they make through the sale of Red Noses and by bringing £1 in for non-uniform day really do help children and their families.

I was proud to announce at the end of the assembly that South Grove has been recognised as giving generously to the charity over the years. The school can now proudly display a certificate in the entrance hall to show this. So thank you to everyone for their contributions over time.

My thanks to Miss West for organising a fun packed assembly. Thank you once again to the parents who came to support us. Here is what they had to say:

Lovely colourful fun assembly – well done all!

Very confident and great performance from all the children

Good fun – everyone looked really good

This year you generous people spent £500 on Noses, £200 on pens and £375 on dressing up- AMAZING!!  Thank you

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