Academic Resilience Project

Saturday 21 September 2019

The Academic Resilience Project in Year 6 was very successful this Year. The Year 6 parents met on a regular basis every Friday to work through Sats type questions and answers, to ask lots of questions and to build confidence and think of best ways to support at home. The parents would like to encourage the new group of Year 6 parents to attend the Friday Workshops. We have decided to start meeting at the beginning of the school  year in September 2019  and not waste any time ..
Some of the parents from this year had a few comments:
" I am so happy with the group.. I didn't need to get a tutor or pay for extra tuition"
'It helped me think of ways of talking to my child- the children were not nervous at all.'

'At first I didn't know where to start but in the end my child did so well. We achieved Greater depth.'
'Mum helped me with the Sats- she helped test me at home and told me if I was right or wrong.'
'It helped me that my mum came here because it showed she cared that I passed. '
'My mum wanted me to get greater depth and together we got it.'
'I have always been part of my sons school days from Nursery.'
'We are lucky because not all schools do this .'
'Some books were expensive but the school helped us get them for a cheaper price. They even let us borrow some to help with the costs.'
'My friend said why are you coming to the school all the time, I think she was jealous her school doesn't offer the same support.'

The first parents group will be on September 21st  2019 at 2:30 pm  

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