Gallery: YEAR3 2015-2016: Stone Age Day 2016

Year 3 have been learning about The Stone Age and how people lived and hunted. This topic has been a rich learning experience for the children which has inspired their creativity through English, art, ICT, music and drama. The children enjoyed this topic so much that we decided to create our own South Grove Primary cave filled with spectacular animal prints, informative newspaper articles and detailed cave animal drawings, illustrating how ‘hunters captured their prey’. We were very lucky to have had the opportunity for the Celtic Harmony award winning education charity to come in and deliver a workshop. We got to see how the different ages: Stone Age, Iron Age and Bronze Age occurred. We watched how to make fire. We did soap knapping and created our own arrows. We also took part in a drama based story telling activity.

Scroll down to have a look at some pictures of the work that was produced on this topic. Also,the following video was shown as part of the 3DMs Assembly:

Empowered to explore, inspired to learn