Gallery: Scavengers and Settlers - 3Y Class Assembly

Year 3Y wowed us with their amazing assembly last Friday! Their topic has been about The Stone Age. They gave their audience amazing facts about this period of history through dance, drama, and artwork.

We were all fascinated by an interview with a Stone Age family called the Uggs. This gave everyone an insight into the world of a family living during this time! I am sure I saw the family in their fur skins and clubs in our playground last week…..

The music and song was brilliant, so thank you to Miss Matthews for her support in the assembly. Thanks must, of course, go to Miss Young for coordinating the packed assembly. Well done everyone!

Thank you to our large 3Y audience that attended and the kind comments left in our assembly comment book. We know the children and staff really appreciate your support:

‘It was fantastic. Lots of effort. Well done 3Y!’

‘Very creative. I really enjoyed the news!’

‘A very entertaining act. I enjoyed it thoroughly. A very good job!’

‘It was very impressive, creative and interesting. Well done!’

Empowered to explore, inspired to learn