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Gallery: NOVEMBER 2019 || Whole School Assembly – 3SH Living Together in a Community

We were treated to a fabulous assembly on Friday by Mrs Sandhu-Hanif and 3SH on the topic of living together and being part of a community.

The children explained that a community is a group of people who share something in common.  The children identified what is essential services needed in a community and shared their own thoughts about this i.e a community needs essential services such as schools, supermarkets, hospitals and different places of worship. They acknowledged that they were lucky to have luxuries in their local area such as a variety of restaurants, sports centres and a cinema.

They shared their fantastic acrostic poems about what living together means to us.

Their song ‘We’re All in This Together’ was sung really well using Makaton.

The children shared what they have been learning about different countries and the children took us on a whistle stop tour from Pakistan, Ghana, England, Lithuania, Poland, Bangladesh, Romania, Somalia, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Jamaica and France. The children asked questions about the countries and directed them to the adults in the hall! No pressure!

The children showed off their skills of speaking French, having a conversation in French and counting up to 10.

One of the significant parts of the assembly was when the children said that ‘Even though we are from different countries, we are still a part of the South Grove community and that is to achieve success and be the very best that we can be. It’s amazing what we can learn from each other.’ This is very much part of the school’s ethos.

As part of the children’s home learning Research Project they were given the task of designing their very own family trees. The children shared these with us. They were absolutely fabulous!  Thank you to all the parents who supported their children to make these. 

Finally the children finished their assembly with a lovely statement that really reflects South Grove as a school:  ‘We are all different, but it’s our differences that bring us together to make us a community. Remember we’re all in this together. ’

My thanks go to Mrs Sandhu-Hanif for planning the assembly and with support from Miss Matthews and Mrs Malek.

The parents made a great audience for 3SH and here is what they had to say:

  • ‘Great assembly put together very well. Well done to all!’
  • ‘Brilliant assembly, fantastic clothes!’
  • ‘What a great assembly! Well done 3SH!’
  • ‘Fantastic performance. Well done indeed. We are in this together.


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Empowered to explore, inspired to learn