Gallery: Year 5 Visit the Temple of Mthras! - January 2018

Students in Year 5 had the opportunity to visit the London Mithraeum, also known as the Temple of Mithras. The visit included walking through an ancient Roman mithraeum that was discovered in Walbrook, a street in the heart of the City of London, during a building's construction in 1954. 

We were amazed by the artefacts that had been discovered and took a closer look at the purpose for each artefact. They had roman keys, healing stones, broken mosaics, jewellery, the oldest roman coin, and even a broken door that has been around for thousands of years! After learning about the artefacts, we climbed down three levels into the preserved temple. It was very dark and they used holograms to show us where the columns would have stood way back in ancient times.

Empowered to explore, inspired to learn