Gallery: Year 5 are Marathon Kids! - February 2018

Marathon Kids is an exciting programme that Year 5 has been able to participate in this year. It gives children the opportunity to run or walk the distance of up to four marathons throughout the school year! The students have been working hard to achieve their personal best and progress their lap count each week. Year 5 hopes to show off their hard work during 'The Westminster Mile' which is set to take place this 28th May 2018!
Suhayla - I look forward to Marathon Kids every Friday because I get to exercise with my friends.
Jiya P - Marathon Kids helps us look forward to the day and gives us strength so we are ready to work!
Davis - In my opinion, I think that Marathon Kids helps us to get active. I think I have been able to progress my stamina throughout the year so far.
Jiya S 5D - Marathon Kids is a good way to exercise especially if you don't have time to go out outside of school. We work with partners which encourages us to achieve our personal best!

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