RR Class Assembly February 2017

Written on: Tuesday 28 February 2017

We went on a journey with RR and their transport assembly on Friday. It was their very first assembly in which they did very well and were quietly confident in their delivery of a showcase of activities. They shared their fantastic designs of their own forms of transport which were extremely imaginative and we felt we had a budding group of potential designers in the making. The children also shared their work on shape, building vehicles using shapes, a transport song and much more!

Thank you to all the proud parents who watched. They were very impressed:

‘Brilliant! Very creative – loved the films. The kids were excellent, well-rehearsed.’

‘Great assembly well put together. All the children did well, very brave and excellent information.’

‘The children were super good.  Thank you for showing them safety!’

‘Children were superb. I loved it.’

View Gallery: RR Class Assembly February 2017 - Trasport

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