3D Assmembly - January 2017

Written on: Monday 30 January 2017

Year 3 has been thoroughly enjoying learning about the history of humans and the Earth by looking at the Stone Age. 3D was especially delighted to share their learning through their class assembly.

3D has been looking at how the Earth used to be just one huge supercontinent known as Pangaea. They even had the chance at puzzling the continents together to imagine what it would have looked like! 3D students also began looking at animal fossils and where in the world they have been found to understand which continents were joined together. Can you believe Canada once homed the well-known Wooly Mammoth?! In addition, they began analyzing animal’s fossils by looking at their teeth to predict and classify the animals diet.

Furthermore, 3D enjoyed looking at the evolution and development of humans through the three eras of time: Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neotlithic. They have learned much about their way of life, their hunting strategies, communication methods, cave paintings and the meaning and use of dance.

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