YEAR 5 2015-2016: 5SH’s Trip to The Waterworks Centre – Thursday 5th May

Written on: Friday 06 May 2016

On the 5th May, I had a fun trip to the Waterworks centre. My favourite part was when we made clay models. We explored different types of habitats.

Habibah   5SH

I felt so excited, the activities were amazing! I loved it when we made our clay animals.

Coco   5SH

We looked at urban habitats. We also learned how to make animals out of clay, using things that we found in nature. We had a great time.

Wendy  5SH

I had a fantastic day at the Waterworks centre. I learned how to paint with leaves.

Alex 5SH

I really enjoyed this trip because we explored different habitats and minibeasts. We made some animals from clay using things found in nature.

Qadija  5SH

At the Waterworks centre, I learned how to make animals from clay with all the different objects in nature eg twigs, leaves, rocks and flowers.

Hamzah 5SH

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