Romeo & Juliet Workshop

Written on: Monday 06 March 2017

O Year 6, Year 6 wherefore art thou Year 6?  Well last Wednesday for the whole day they were around the school in their Literacy Groups getting to grips with the Shakespearean language of Romeo and Juliet and learning the art of stage combat! 

Each group had time with the actor from Splats and, after direction, were given a section of the play to go and memorise and rehearse.  Some of them also made props and costumes.   Eventually they all came together to perform their play to an appreciative audience of their families and Year 2.

Here’s what they children had to say about the day…

Amazing day.  I learned all about Shakespeare, in particular Romeo and Juliet.  I liked learning the language as it was so interesting.  It’s much harder than now!


It was a great experience: well worth the money.   I’ve never studied Shakespeare but it was a great topic to learn about. 


I’ve loved acting out!”   I was Romeo and I had lots of lines to learn.  Luckily, my teachers and friends supported me and my little brother watched me perform.  He thought it was cool!




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