Budding writer at South Grove!

Written on: Tuesday 07 November 2017

I attach a piece of writing that one of our Year 6 boys, Kiadae wrote last week. I had the pleasure of listening to his story last week. His teacher was very pleased with the way he had used such imagination and vivid language. This work is very much supported by Kaidae’s love of reading. He can be caught reading everywhere including in the dining hall eating his packed lunch! He agreed that his developing use of a rich and varied vocabulary is due to the amount of texts he reads every day. As a reward I gave him a copy of a new book out recently that is being enjoyed by children and adults alike called Pax by Sara Pennypacker . He is going to write a review for me and then promote it to other children in his year group to read. Well done Kiadae – here is his story:


Many eons ago, there was a majestic city named Crete. Sleeping soundly, in his microscopic hut, slept Link. Link was frail and skinny but he was also courageous and had a heart of pure gold. Due to his size and strength he was often mocked by the more muscular but bone headed soldiers who commonly referred to him as ‘little Link’. He was madly in love with princess Zelda: the ruler of Crete. She had glimmering indigo eyes that shimmered like the sea on a summer's day. She too had a heart of pure gold. Link was certain he would not gain the heart of Zelda.

One seemingly peaceful day, Link was strolling around when all of a sudden the news boy jumped out of nowhere and yelled 'GANANDORFS HERE!' This statement paralysed Link with terror, but he came to a realisation. If he slayed this bothersome beast, the love of the princess Zelda would be his! So late that night he snuck away with hope that he would be able to slay this fearsome entity.

Determined and focused, Link carefully and cautiously scaled the jagged rocks of Olympus as he would require Zeus's assistance to slay this putrid beast. At last he had reached the seemingly everlasting mountain. Link carefully knocked, as the doors flew open. Zeus, who was the all powerful king of the gods, took pity on the defenceless mortal and presented Link with the skyward sword. Link bowed humbly and raced off to slay this petrifying beast.

Filled with anxiety, Link set of on his treacherous quest to slay the putrid, dark entity known only as Ganandorf. He was a maliciously evil creature who tormented the innocent and slayed the defenceless. Due to his repulsive crimes, a dark and foul presence follows him wherever he goes. After many tiring days of traversing the underworld. Link finally found Ganandorfs domain which loomed over Link like an eerie haunted house. Links heart filled with dread as he entered the lair of Ganondorf. As soon as Link entered, a blood curdling cackle echoed throughout the vast halls of the reeking palace. As white as a ghost, Link withdrew his sword and valiantly ventured on. As Link wondered through the cumbersome maze, he suddenly came face to face with Ganondorf. As determined as an eagle, he charged into battle. Links frail physique allowed him to be as nimble as a cheetah. However Ganadorf had an impenetrable shield around him making him invulnerable to attacks. Link suddenly noticed a light within Ganadorfs chest. Link knew that a light such as that could only be radiated from the sacred artefact- the infinity gem. So Link formulated a plan. He would have to rush forward, stab the infinity gem and hope that the light energy contained within would cause Ganandorf to explode from the high amounts of radiated energy. So with an almighty surge of adrenaline. Link rushed forward and thrust his blade into the monstrosity's chest, consequently creating a huge explosion. As Link regained consciousness, he stared in awe at Ganandorf decapitated head and leapt for joy and departed for Crete. As Link journeyed home, the trickster God Loki killed Zelda leaving Link heartbroken.

Empowered to explore, inspired to learn