Written on: Thursday 29 June 2017

KS1 Quadkids Athletics - Friday 26th May @ The Waltham Forest Feel Good Centre

On Friday 26th May, sixteen children from KS1 participated in the KS1 Quadkids at the Feel Good Centre. There were 4 activities: 300m run, 50m sprint, the Standing long jump and Mini Vortex Howler Throw. Our children were competing against eleven other schools on extremely hot day. All the children showed great sportsmanship and gave their best efforts. The children received certificates rewarding their efforts.

Well done KS1.

Leigh Baruch

KS2 Quadkids – The results!

34 schools took part in at least one of the six competitions. 14 schools took part in all six competitions. 158 teams in total. That’s an amazing 1,268 athletes attempting their very best! 

South Grove

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6








Placing in borough final








Joint 5 & 6 placing:

2052 = 22nd

Congratulations to everyone who took part!

KS1 Football Festival – Friday 9th June 2017 @ Chingford Goals

We had thirty teams in the tournament, representing different schools and over two hundred and forty Year 1 and 2 pupils playing football.  The children were playing against other schools within the borough.

The day began by a surprise visit from our very own Nathan and Tom who popped along to support the children before they started work at South Grove.  With a short introduction from the leaders, who explained the rules and expectations, the children were then off and ready to play.           

Below are their results:




Hillyfield on the Hill


South Grove










The children from South Grove were fantastic: encouraging each other and being excellent examples of teamwork.

Leigh Baruch

Year 6 Le Tour de Waltham Forest - 16th June 2017

On Friday 16th June, twelve of our oldest and most experienced cyclists went to Leyton Jubilee Park to take part in the borough’s cycling event: Le Tour de Waltham Forest.

To begin with, the children had a warm up lap followed by a race involving their peers.  They were then placed into groups, ranked A-F. 

I waited nervously at the start/finish line whilst Mr Hayes, Ms Montgomery and the rest of the team waited at the last corner before the final straight.  Below is their individual placing:



Placing (out of 14 cyclists)



Daud came 2nd

Brianna came 2nd


David came 2nd

Saud came 2nd


Isabella came 3rd

Remajan came 5th


Rithik came 2nd

Kadeem came 1st


Joel came 6th

Amari came 5th


Frankie came 1st

Alicia came 5th

After lots of drama, and a few visits to the medical tent, we sat exhausted in the afternoon sun waiting to hear where South Grove had placed.  We knew Frankie had won the fastest individual of the day but had no idea where we placed as a team.

As the schools were read out in order, the children waited patiently.  Second place was awarded to Larkswood.  As I looked over to congratulate the teacher and team, he was mimicking 1st place to us.  Then the organisers read out first place - South Grove! We won!  Screams and cheers echoed around as the children rose like the champions they were to collect the team trophy.  We had managed to reclaim our title.

Congratulations to Frankie for winning the ‘Fastest Cyclist of the Day’ and ‘Fastest Girl’ and to Alicia for winning the ‘Second Fastest Girl’. 

We collected our individual medals and had our photo taken by the council.

Keep an eye out for us in the local paper.  The trophy can be seen beside our other one in the main office.

Year 2 Value Games - Thursday 22nd June @ The Waltham Forest Feel Good Centre

Thirty lucky Year 2 children went to the brand new Waltham Forest Feel Good Centre to take part in the Borough’s annual KS1 Value Games.  The children were able to try lots of different activities, ranging from orienteering, active literacy, active maths boxercise, cheer leading, hockey, basketball, parachute games, skipping, athletics, tennis and lots more.  The children all had a wonderful time and were very tired by the time they got back to school.  The teachers clearly had a great time too forgetting to take any pictures.

The children were a credit to South Grove and behaved impeccably throughout the entire day.  Feedback given to the teachers mirrored this with leaders and teachers from other schools the children in the purple uniform! 

KS2 Sport Leaders - Thursday 22nd June @ The Waltham Forest Feel Good Centre

For the second year running,  South Grove has been asked to lead activities for the Year 2 Value Games 2017. Children were selected who showed a particular talent in leadership to attend the event.

The children organised their own activities with minimal support from adults.  They had to use teaching strategies to ensure all children were listening and involved and they all showed progress during their given time.

Six of our leaders lead ‘Orienteering’, which was a brand-new activity for this year.  The children began with a warm up game where the children had to follow a picture to make a face using different PE equipment. This then built onto following a map to find animals (placed around a netball court) and record the letters to spell out a word.  News spread of our activity like wild fire and soon we had teachers sneaking in to see the activity in action.  I’m still getting emailing from other schools asking if they can use our activity.

Our other six leaders, lead ‘Active Literacy’- again another new activity.   Their warm up consisted of children finding the cones to spell out the words ‘Value Games’.  From the very beginning the children were engaged and active.  The children then moved onto constructing sentences including different punctuation.   Another activity that some year 2 teachers said they will be using next year to get their class more active outside in English lessons.

After each session, both of our groups, sat down with the children and asked them what they had learnt and reinforced the knowledge they had gained.  Their dedication was fantastic, even at the end of a hot day.  As I watched other sports leaders from other schools start to lose interest, South Grove Leaders were still working with the children.  We’re all very proud on how they represented us!

Year 5 Value Games - Friday 23rd June @ Peter May Sports Centre

On Friday the 16th June, 30 excited members of year 5 and 5 excited adults ventured to the Peter May Sports Centre to attend the Year 5 Value Games.  We were given the opportunity to participate in a range of sporting activities.  The event encouraged us to develop our team work skills and make new friends. The activities were different to what we usually do at school and many schools joined in throughout the borough.  It was great to have the opportunity to make new friends from other schools. We worked as a team and helped each other to complete each game successfully. We had a great time and enjoyed all the fun activities that we took part in.By Rumeysa and Ramsha (5M)‚Äč

Player Trails

Upcoming events/competitions: (invites will be handed out beforehand)

Year 3 & 4 Football – Friday 7th July 2017 @ Chingford Goals

Photos of all the events will be loaded to the sporting area of the website ASAP.

Aspire to be the very best that you can be!

   Miss Young

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