KS2 Sport Leaders 22nd June 2017 - VIDEO

Written on: Friday 07 July 2017

For the second year running,  South Grove has been asked to lead activities for the Year 2 Value Games 2017. Children were selected who showed a particular talent in leadership to attend the event.

The children organised their own activities with minimal support from adults.  They had to use teaching strategies to ensure all children were listening and involved and they all showed progress during their given time.

Six of our leaders lead ‘Orienteering’, which was a brand-new activity for this year.  The children began with a warm up game where the children had to follow a picture to make a face using different PE equipment. This then built onto following a map to find animals (placed around a netball court) and record the letters to spell out a word.  News spread of our activity like wild fire and soon we had teachers sneaking in to see the activity in action.  I’m still getting emailing from other schools asking if they can use our activity.

Our other six leaders, lead ‘Active Literacy’- again another new activity.   Their warm up consisted of children finding the cones to spell out the words ‘Value Games’.  From the very beginning the children were engaged and active.  The children then moved onto constructing sentences including different punctuation.   Another activity that some year 2 teachers said they will be using next year to get their class more active outside in English lessons.

After each session, both of our groups, sat down with the children and asked them what they had learnt and reinforced the knowledge they had gained.  Their dedication was fantastic, even at the end of a hot day.  As I watched other sports leaders from other schools start to lose interest, South Grove Leaders were still working with the children.  We’re all very proud on how they represented us!

View Gallery: KS2 Sport Leaders - Thursday 22nd June @ The Waltham Forest Feel Good Centre

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