SPORTS NEWS - Autumn 2017

Written on: Friday 24 November 2017

PAN Disability Tennis Festival – written by Ms Mullins

This year we took ten children to the Olympic Park to take part in a yearly tennis tournament for children with disabilities. It was a wonderful afternoon.  The children moved around the tennis courts to various activities promoting tennis skills.  The teachers were very professional and encouraged all the children to be included in these activities.  It was well organised and the children had a fantastic time.  They practised their ball skills at their own level and I felt that they all achieved and improved their skills during their time there.

The secondary children who helped our children to be involved were really kind and supportive.  It was a fabulous day and I look forward to being involved again next year!

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KS 2 Rugby Festival 2017 - 9th October 2017

On Monday 9th October, eight very excited Year three and four children went to Lammas Secondary School & College to take part in a Tag Rugby Festival.  The Year 4’s were very excited as last year their Tag Rugby event was cancelled due to flooding.

The children enjoyed their Tag Rugby Festival taking part in a carousel based on different Tag Rugby skills:
1. Kick rounders. Children developed skills in kicking a rugby ball, catching one and then moving with a ball, holding it in the correct position
2. Agility. Children focused on running and moving in different directions
3. Seekers. Children chase other children in the group holding a rugby ball
4. Tag rugby. In partners children use all the skills they’ve been developing earlier on and apply them. The main aim is to pull the bands off of their partner’s waist
5. Break out tag. Defending and attacking. Children defend the attackers who are attempting to make a ‘try’ by running past them with a ball to the marked line to score a point

Well done to the Year 3’s for taking part in their very first, and very tiring, afternoon of competitive sport.

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S1 Cross Country by Miss McFarlane

With Mrs Sharma, I had the pleasure to take 16 children from Key Stage 1 to participate in the Waltham Forest Borough Competition for Cross Country. Over 300 children competed in the competition.

The children at South Grove did us very proud, they were amazing. They had such perseverance and determination not to give up due to the far distance they had to travel. Unfortunately we did not come in the top three places to win a medal. But they were fabulous!


“It was tiring, but so much fun” - Annaliese and Zurelle

“It was great fun” - Samir and Mohamed

“I am super tired” - Taylah and Maryam

Table Tennis Competition – October 2017

A group of year 5 pupils were lucky enough to attend a table tennis competition. While we were at the table tennis competition, we sat in a line and then we got put into groups of 5 (group A and group B) and we went to our first table.

After we got to our first table, we numbered our selves 1-5 and then we played against our first opponents. Our first opponents were Newport and they were really good at table tennis. After everyone had played their opponent we waited for the boss of the tournament to announce who everyone was going to verse next. The man said that next group A were going to verse the Jenny Hammonds and group B were going to verse another school.  Now my group (group A) played the Jenny Hammonds.  

Although they were Year 6,  I think we did ok and we all tried our best which is the most important thing.  After that, we waited for the man to tell us what to do but he was busy reffing another game so with our time, we played survivor to practice our math. And then the man asked everyone to get into their lines and then he announced the schools that got into the finals. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to the finals but we tried our best.

By Ritchie Marjoram 5M

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Feel Good Ambassador Conference- September 2017

On Friday 22nd September the Feel Good Ambassadors, with Mr Hayes & Miss Young, went to the Feel Good Centre to take part in our Sports leadership Training.

On Friday 22nd September the Feel Good Ambassadors, along with Mr Hayes and Miss Young, went to the Feel Good Centre to take part in our Sports leadership Training.

In our first session, we made a rap about teamwork values and we did a presentation to show how our progress was going. We did a successful performance and astonished our audience with how we have progressed since the last conference.

During our second course, we were treated to a fun, free session at the Better Extreme Park to celebrate all of our hard work. Throughout the course and did multiple courses such as: ninja run, trampolining, the jungle run and the climbing course.

Miss Young had the most fun she had had in ages, “I think I've had more fun than any of the children!”

A child from another school even commented, “You are so lucky to have a teacher that lets everyone have a turn on the climbing courses!”

Miss Young is so approachable that another girl gave Miss her watch so she could go on a ride and Miss happily accepted her request.

After a lot of fun we were puffed out and looked very red. We were very keen on going to the park and everyone probably had as much fun as they thought they would have had.

After lunch we were sent to our third session, where we were taught different types of competition. For example: knockout, Round Robin and so on. We did competitions using the game rock, paper and scissors.

By Jacob Crockford

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Girls Football Competition by Miss Deniz

Although we did not win a match, we still tried our hardest and played with our hearts! - Layla (6M)

We had lots of team spirit and tried out very best. Jiya P (5M)

This was a memorable and fun experience that we will never forget. (Zoya and Kulsoom)

South Grove 0

Buxton 0

Willowbrook 3

 South Grove 0

Hilyfield 4

South Grove 0

Mayville 3

South Grove 0






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