SPORTS NEWS - Autumn 1 2018

Written on: Tuesday 09 October 2018

Feel Good Ambassador Conference

On Thursday 28th September the Feel Good Ambassadors, along with Mr Hayes and myself, went to the Peter May Sports Centre to take part in their second Sports leadership Training.

In our first session, the children took part in various games and activities in preparation for them to lead on Personal Challenges back at school.  We are currently thinking and organising what we can do.

In their second session, they presented what they’ve achieved in South Grove since their training in March.  They did a successful performance and astonished everyone with the amount of dedication they have shown.  In their final session before lunch, they were surprised with a leadership challenge.  90 children from Chapel End were coming for a PE lesson led by them.  The children were a little thrown at first but with some brainstorming and trial and errors, they planned a warm-up and activity.

After lunch they become teachers. The children each flourished in their own way.  Some rose to the challenge of being in charge and others, hated the responsibility and the fact that the children didn’t always listen to them.  However, positive feedback from the staff at Chapel End confirmed that the teachers will be taking their game ideas to use back in school.  The children were fantastic role models for our school’s 3 R’s. Well Done to the Feel Good Ambassadors!

KS1 cross country – Tuesday 2nd October @ Peter May Sports Centre

Mrs Mitchell and myself had the privilege of taking 16 enthusiastic KS1 children to the Peter May Sports Centre to take part in the School Games Cross Country Competition. All the Schools in the Borough took part which means over 300 children participated.  

Unfortunately, we did not make it onto the medal board, but the perseverance and determination to finish the race course was outstanding by each member from our school. They each individually definitely did South Grove proud: well done!

“It was exciting and really good” Amina and Herbie

“I was challenged!” Zurelley, Mardiya, Herbie and Nina

“It was tiring!” Zakariye, Sami and  Isaac

“It was hard work” Herbie

Boys Football Tournament @ Chingford Goals

On Thursday 4th October, ten of our mastery footballers took part in the borough football tournament held at Chingford Goals.  It was a chilly start to the day.  However, the children reassured me that it was great playing weather.

We were drawn in a group with Newport, St. Saviour’s, Thorpe Hall and Yardley. Below is a report written by the Feel Good Ambassadors and Sport Council rep for Year 6 who attended the football.

Today, we experienced the tournament of our lives.  We trained, sweated and took injuries together.  We drew, won, but most importantly we worked as a team and had a great day.

 Below are our results:

Newport  0


South Grove  1


South Grove  1



Yardley   1

South Grove  2

Davis & Jacob


St. Saviours    2

Thorpe Hall   2


South Grove   2

Patrik & Davis

In our first game our goal was set up by Jacob who managed to dribble it all the way down the pitch, looked up to see Zizou in a fantastic position who managed to score, much to the shock of Newport’s goal keeper.  During our second game, another fantastic goal was scored by Zizou with support by Patrik.  Our third game was the most exciting with Miss Young unable to take any photos as she filmed the floor the entire match.  However, a foul was made against Davis.  Davis was given possession and took a kick from the centre line scoring an amazing goal in the top left hand corner.  The amazement continued with save, after save, after save from our number 1 goalie, Abdullah.  The final match was exhausting and again another goal by Patrik and Davis.

Unaware of our group’s scores, we sat and waited to hear our destiny.  Luckily, we came first and went through to the quarter finals.

Our quarter final game was against Handsworth.  It was a hard game with some very strong tackles to overcome. We managed to hold until a minute before the end whistle when they managed to break through and score a goal.  The team battled on for the final minute trying to equalise but sadly time wasn’t on our side. However, Handsworth went on to win the borough competition so we left feeling like we came second.

Well done to all the boys involved.


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