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Year 5 Value Games - Friday 26th June 2015

Written on: Monday 13 July 2015

Day 2 and this time it was Year 5’s turn.   They had the opportunity to experience athletics, tennis, basketball, speed stacking, archery, volleyball, French skipping, parachute games, football, playground games, Zumba, Tri Golf and ultimate Frisbee.

Here are some recounts from the children:

“Today was really fun and sporty. I really enjoyed the Athletics. On the speed bounce my shoe kept coming off!”


“My favourite activity that I liked was archery. First we had to practise and get used to it. It wasn't like Mr Moon’s archery at school- it was easier. Then we used our skills to play a game.  You had 3 minutes to score the highest points- that team would win. In the first round, my team scored 25 points. On the second round, we scored 26 points and on the third round, we scored 34 points.  We challenged ourselves every game. My team won overall. It made me feel very proud!”


“We played volleyball. It was brilliant. We used an enormous ball to hit it over the net. It wasn't heavy- it was light.   We're really tired now and want to go to bed!”

Ahmed and Asher 

In total, 18 schools attended with 511 pupils from across the borough in Year 2. 96 Secondary School Leaders helped and so did 3 students from University to make the day a great success.  In total, 693 people enjoyed the day including adults!

Our children represented the school beautifully and have been selected to return next year as Leaders of the Year 2 Value Games!

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Empowered to explore, inspired to learn