Art News - Woven Art Works for the E17 Art Trail

Written on: Thursday 25 May 2017

An artistic group of children from across the school have been extremely busy preparing woven art works of insects to display during the E17 Art Trail. This event runs across the Walthamstow area from Saturday 3rd of June to Sunday the 18th. This is the first time that South Grove will be exhibiting in this exhibition so we are very excited.

Our colourful work will be displayed on the school perimeter fence in Markhouse Road and Ringwood Road from Friday the 9th of June.

Can I say a massive thank you to all the children who took part in the E17 art trail, especially:

  • Nikola  and Jingyue  (Tiffany) in Nursery
  • Zariah , Yousaf  and  Sumaiya in Reception
  • Maryam  and Lilla in Year 1
  • Juwayria and Nahira in Year 2
  • Mante and Lukne in Year 3
  • Jiya S, Jiya P and Fatima in Year 4
  • Rumeysa, Zaynah, Fatima, Layla, Ra’is and Amir in Year 5
  • Colin, Joel, Hamza  and Yacine in Year 6

These children have generously given up their own play and lunch times to work extremely hard to create the wonderful, woven minibeasts that are part of the E17 art trail.

Alongside this work, class mobiles of swifts, which are linked to promoting the new Walthamstow Wetland Centre’s ‘1000 swifts over Walthamstow’ project, will be displayed. All the children of South Grove took part in this project and labelled their work with words linked to social, moral, spiritual or cultural themes which we discussed in lessons.

We hope you enjoy the wonderful work.

Sam Baker

Art coordinator

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