WE are Silent Assembly

Written on: Monday 11 December 2017

South Grove celebrated our school today during assembly and learned about the We are Silent Campaign The assembly was abuzz with music, acting and some excellent spokespersons. You could tell how much learning we have put into The Rights Respecting School Award as the children are becoming more and more familiar with the Rights of the Child

All children participated with Nursery and Reception creating a lovely retelling of a story in the form of a video. We shared some great information on the Rights of the Child and shared some of the Articles shown below. Some of the Articles they focussed on were: Every child has the Right to a Home, to Education and to be able to decide what to think, feel and believe. Some of the older boys shared the fact that in some counties girls are not allowed to go to school and how unfair they think this is.  Thank you to everyone for making it a great assembly. The songs were also incredible.

Here is the UN convention on the Rights of the Child.  Thanks to all of the staff and children who were involved in organising today. It was fantastic! 

Download the UN convention on the rights of the child in child friendly language

View Gallery: We are Silent Assembly

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