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Hot off the Press……..Headline Election Results!

Written on: Monday 26 September 2016

In last Monday's assembly we announced the successful representatives of the various groups that will make up our South Grove Pupil Voice for 2016-2017. The children below are our new voices. We also attach examples of the children’s statements that obviously persuaded their peers to vote for them!

Well done to all our new representatives. The staff look forward to working with their new teams:

School Council – Miss Maltwood 

Y1 – Mahi; Y2 – Yasheka; Y3 – Lukne; Y4 – Jiya P; Y5 – Ismail; Y6 – Misha

Language Buddy – Mrs Young

Y1 – James; Y2 – Vicky; Y3 – Samuel; Y4 – Saad; Y5 – Ibrahim; Y6 – Alex

Anti-Bullying Ambassador – Ms Spain

Y1 – Kemari; Y2 – Ayaan; Y3 – Moses; Y4 – Jiya S; Y5 – Safiya; Y6 – Emre

Sports Ambassador – Miss Young

Y1 – Dillon; Y2 – Jason; Y3 – Zizou; Y4 – Jacob; Y5 – Saif; Y6 – Bi Jiao

Makaton Buddy – Mrs Turl

Y1 – Iris; Y2 – Salma; Y3 – Zakariya; Y4 – Akshaya; Y5 – Jeylan; Y6 – Aaron & Saud

Samuel  – Language Buddy

I would like to be a language buddy because I like helping people. I am a good listener and I speak a different language. I speak French with my mother at home. I am fair. I like talking in public. I understand it is not easy when you don’t speak English 

Jiya P- School Council

I want to be a on the School Council because I want to make the school a better place. All other children will want to come to South Grove. I want to be the rep because I do not want any bad things. I want to make this school an amazing place so no-one will deny coming to this school.

Jeylan-  Makaton Buddy

I would like to be a Makaton Buddy because I know all of the signs.  I want to help other people learn the signs.  I enjoy using the signs when I am singing.  I

also learn the signs at home on my tablet.

Saif - Sports Council

I think that I should be sport council because I will make sure that everyone will have fun at playtime and lunchtime. I will make sure that the school is fun for everybody at all costs. School will never be boring. I will be the best sports council rep EVER!!! I will make sure that there are fair teams and the sports that children want to play at lunchtime and break time will be given top priority. I will also report to my peers if there are any urgent problems or arguments

Emre- Anti-Bullying Ambassador

I am confident that I can be an anti-bullying ambassador because I am very sensible dealing with things. I can be fairly fair for both sides of the story and judging it correctly. I can listen and hear both sides of the story I know what to do if someone  is bullying another. I will try to solve the problem and if I can’t I will take some advice. I know I can do this job

You can view the rest of the winning statements in school.

Computer Council  – Miss Marable has selected children that did really well last year and were noted by their previous class teachers as really being very helpful and knowledgeable within their ICT and Computing work:

Year 1- Iris and Salahuddin           Year 2- Yanita and Ayaan

Year 3 Amelia and Isaac          Year 4- Saad and Sarai

Year 5- Ismail and Aadil                  Year 6- Eshan, Qadija and Cody

Mrs Baker is continuing with the same group for Arts Council as it was formed part-way through the academic year last year and they are part-way through their work to support the school to achieve our next Arts Mark. 

Year 2  - Milena  

Year 3 – Mante

Year 4 – Bedan

Year 5 – Ra’is

Year 6 - Colin

Empowered to explore, inspired to learn