World Book Day 2018

Written on: Tuesday 06 March 2018

What a World Book Day Celebration! As one of our parents commented the assembly was ‘inspirational.’ We know how to celebrate at South Grove and it always brings out the best in our pupils and of course, the staff! The assembly began with the World Book Day Song for this year. 

The Nursery children oozed their love of re-telling favourite stories such as ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, and ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’, which was re-told so articulately by one child. Their story telling boards were amazing.  Reception pupils shared their favourite books with us really confidently. Year 4 shared with us the range of books that could be read from fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Year 3 retold the Rama and Sita story with actions and Year 2, through drama, retold their favourite story of ‘The Gruffalo’.  The whole of Year 5 re-told the story ‘David’s father,’ by Robert Munsch.  It was fabulous.

The Reading Song was great and encouraged everyone to join in. Thank you to Mrs Sandhu-Hanif, Miss McCarthy and Miss Deniz  for organising the assembly with support from all the Teachers and Support Staff of those Year Groups who took part. 

Thank you to our large audience of parents supporting our celebrations. It is very much appreciated and we hope that you enjoyed it as much as we did. 

Here are some of your comments: 

‘Really entertaining and funny.’

‘Loved it. Such amazing costumes and a great way to celebrate World Book Day. Thank you!’

‘Fabulous! So lovely to see how much you all love reading! Well done to all!’

What a wonderful way to celebrate WBD! Such incredible outfits and so much hard work. Thank you!’

The children all looked marvellous as their variety of characters and a winner was chosen from each year group. They will each be receiving a £2.50 token to use at the Book Fair.

We had ‘A Fox in Socks’ running our School Office.  Alice in Wonderland appeared at school today, although unusually tall… it must have been the wrong potion! She was working in the HT Office with one of ‘The Witches.’ We had Mary Poppins running the Nursery and many Red Riding Hoods looking after Reception. The whole of Year 5 had disappeared and Mr Men and Misses were in assembly! Mrs Stick Man was looking after Year 1 with The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Year 2 had Snow White and Bad Dad. The Giraffe that couldn’t dance and Matilda were teaching Year 3! 

I am unsure of who was teaching 4B and I am surprised that the children didn’t run out of the classroom….rather scary! Although, next door in 4SH they were lucky as they were being taught by Hermione 
Granger! Year 6 had the BFG and another Witch teaching them all day! 
Goodness knows what they will have learnt from them!

But we also had the family of Stick Man, which was lovely! Each class were also being 
supported by a whole range of characters too, too numerous to mention! Within PLM, 
well what can we say…. a whole host of characters!

And the Winners were…

Jean-Oscar Y6, Jacob Y5, Isaac Y4, Roisin Y3, Daria Y2, Ly’Ora Y1, 
Isaac Rec, Rosie Nursery(am), Sulayman Nursery(pm), Raluca PLM 

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