SPORT: Active English and Maths Festival APRIL 2018

Written on: Monday 30 April 2018

Alongside some of our elder Feel Good Ambassadors, our newest recruits, who only received their training on the 16th March, lead their very first event for Year 4 children in the borough.  This event was lead alongside children from Chingford Foundation.

The Feel Good Ambassadors attended before and after school training sessions and developed their own lesson plans to support their teachings.  They each had a different lesson with a focus on Year 4 English objectives. In addition, they were given different areas of the session to lead: warm up, main activity or cool down games.   These were the four lessons, which they taught:


  1. Spelling by orienteering
  2. Spelling using Tag Rugby
  3. Up-levelling sentences using adverbials
  4. Countdown using consonants and vowels


The event was a huge success with the children gaining valuable experience in various leadership qualities.  As leaders of their own event, awareness was key. The children quickly learned to adapt to different scenarios: reacting to certain styles of learning and tones of their voice to engage their audience.  Another quality was enthusiasm for their lesson.  Realising that their enthusiasm was infectious, the children realised they had to inject extra energy into every session they taught which lead to an increase in dedication and commitment from everyone involved in the learning.  Communication was another vital skill developed. Inspiring others to reach a given goal was harder than they first thought.  To get others to reach their goals required effective communication, which, when working with children they don’t know, proved challenging.  For instance, after their first session, where the children couldn’t hear their instructions very well, the Feel Good Ambassadors realised they had to split up and lead a group each, ensuring all children understood the task, maximising learning time.

Thank you to all of the Feel Good Ambassadors, Micah, Omar’s mum and Mr Hayes for taking part and supporting.

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