Rights Respecting Assembly & Year 6 SATs

Written on: Tuesday 22 May 2018

On Friday our whole school assembly focussed on Rights Respecting Schools and our focus for this year.

Here is the Presentation from the Assembly

Very confidently, Anisa from Year 2 read a wonderful poem written by an 11 year old which I think says it all and which we have printed here.

Year 6 spoke about the Right to an Education and shared how they‘d got to the stage they have of being able and confident to take their SATs.

We are extremely proud of the attitude of Year 6 though out their SATs week. The children approached the week really well and carried on with determination each day.

Congratulations to the children for all their hard work and to the parents and staff for their support.

Although the Year 6 tests are complete the children will be focussing on their writing assessments that have to be completed by the end of June. They will also be focussing on their curriculum topic work based around Fair Grounds.

Human Rights

I am not very old

But I think I understand

How the Human Rights Act

Would work throughout the land.


Freedom within the law

To work and think and pray.

To speak out against injustice

Which many suffer from each day.


I am still a child

But I think I know what’s right,

Like standing up for friends

When a bully wants to fight.


We must all work together

To create a better place.

So that all people, everywhere

Can have a living space.


Life is very precious.

We all have much to give.

We must care for one another

And must live and let live.

Empowered to explore, inspired to learn