PLM assembly 7th December 2018

Written on: Monday 10 December 2018

‘Whole School Assembly – ‘I’m a student! Get Me Out Of Here!

We are just so up with the trend at South Grove! We had our very own version of ‘Get Me Out Of Here!’ on Friday with the children from PLM and their adults. It really felt like we were actually in the jungle all together!

To gain stars for their team mates camp meals the children and their adults had to do a series of trials. As we all imagined they were not the nicest of activities! The audience shared their horror with lots of moans and groans and hiding their eyes!

Activities ranged from putting bones in the right place to eating gruesome food and dipping hands into bowls of goo to get the correct human organ out of a bucket and naming them! The audience could barely watch!

In-between this, the children danced to songs that helped them name their body and their bones. This was a fabulous assembly, with all the children really enjoying taking part and quite clearly the adults too. We were unsure as to where Ms Jane Lewis was though….did she take part?!?!

Thank you to Ms Mullins and all the PLM staff for their hard work ensuring the children felt confident and enjoyed taking part. The children had a great audience of their parents and grandparents to share their memorable assembly with.

Here is what they had to say:

Great job PLM- fantastic assembly.  We learnt where our stomach is and then you turned our stomachs with some revolting challenges!

What an incredible assembly – I particularly liked seeing everyone sky-diving in at the start.

The show was amazing and well prepared.  Keep up thegood work!

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