SPORTS NEWS -December 2018

Written on: Monday 17 December 2018

Waltham Forest Borough Winter Games Festival

Miss Hubbard, Miss Kotecha and Miss McFarlane were very lucky enough and had the honour of taking 16 children from years 2, 3 and 4 to take part in the Waltham Forest Borough Winter Games Festival at the Feel Good Centre. The whole event was about supporting and helping children explore the School Games Values which consist of:


The children were put into two teams where they got to explore a selection of winter games such as Alpine skiing, Bobsleigh, Ice Hockey, Skiing, Kurling and Biathalon. No points were awarded as it was just for the children to enjoy themselves without the competitive element.

“It was fun” – Yasheka, Momina & Hope

“It was tremendous” – Saud

“It was helpful for your body!” –Armaan

It was amazing –Saniya

“It was brilliant”  - Aisha

UKS2 Badminton

Some lucky children in years 5 and 6 were able to take part in the borough’s first ever badminton experience on the 7th December.  The activities, which were lead by Sports Leaders from Normanhurst, took place at Peter May Sports Centre.

The children took part in various events enabling them to develop a different skill to support their badminton progress. Here are the following activities:

  • Activity 1, ‘Egg baskets’.   Focused on a relay and placing the shuttlecock into the hoop. Badminton skill area: lunging whilst playing in order to reach for a low shot
  • Activity 2, ‘Switch’.  Children move the shuttlecocks from one cone to another cone as fast as they could. Children score points according to how many they can move. Badminton skill area: agility and speed
  • Activity 3, ‘Catch the bird’.  Backhand shots through a small hula hoop. Skill area: backhand shots
  • Activity 4, ‘Caterpillars’.  Passing the fluff ball along the line. Once passed, the children run to the end of the line to continue with the relay
  • Activity 5, ‘Backhand Tap-ups’.  Using an appropriate bankhand grip and action to tap a fluff ball repeatedly into the air.  Skill area: backhand shots and rally
  • Activity 6, ‘Crazy Golf’.  A variety of goals are placed around the court and children aim to get the shuttlecocks into them using a forehand action. Skill area: forehand shots
  • Activity 7, ‘Badders Baseball’.  Children split themselves into catchers, hitters and feeders.  Feeders pass the ball to the hitters who hit the shuttlecock to a catcher. Skill area:  game play
  • Activity 8, ‘Ready, Steady, Throw’.  Children use all their new skills to play a mini game.  Skill area:  game play

The children behaved beautifully and had a great day.  Certificates have already been given to the children.

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