SPORTS NEWS - February 2019

Written on: Monday 11 February 2019

LKS2 Sportshall- written by Miss Hubbard

On Thursday 31st January Miss Kotecha and I were given the pleasure of taking 6 Boys and 6 girls to Peter May for the LKS2 Sportshall athletics. The children were chosen a few weeks ago and thanks to a few feel good ambassadors, they had the opportunity to practice some of the events beforehand so they were fully prepared!

Once we arrived, the children listened to the instructions for the morning and they were off. Field events were first, these included chest push, standing long jump, triple jump, vertical jump, javelin and speed bounce.  Up next, track events. These involved obstacle relay, over/under relay, 1+1 lap, 2+2 lap and 4X1 lap relays. The results for our heats are as follows:


Obstacle relay

Over/Under relay

1 + 1 relay

2 + 2 relay

4 X 1 relay

Girls team






Boys team






Here are some of the comments the children had to say:

“Perfect thing to do to keep healthy.”- Mason

“Really fun, we all enjoyed it.”- Abdullah

It doesn’t matter if we win, it was a great experience and everyone persevered.”-Rosa

“Even though we didn’t win some heats, it was still fun and we persevered.”-Annaliese

As you can see from the results above, the children did really well. 

As sporthall is one of the biggest sporting events for School Games competitions, there were two different sessions held.  We therefore have to wait for our results. Fingers crossed!

Active English and Maths Festival

Due to the success of last year, we were once again invited back to lead ‘The Active Festival 2019’. 

The Feel Good Ambassadors attended training sessions and developed lesson plans, alongside adults, to support their teaching.  They each had a different lesson with a focus on Year 4 English objectives. In addition, they were given different areas of the session to lead: warm up, main activity or cool down games.   These were the four lessons, which they taught:

  1. Spelling by orienteering
  2. Spelling using Tag Rugby
  3. Up-levelling sentences using adverbials
  4. Countdown using consonants and vowels

The event was a huge success with the children gaining valuable experience in various leadership qualities.  As leaders of their own event, awareness was key. The children quickly learned to adapt to different scenarios: reacting to certain styles of learning and tones of their voice to engage their audience.  Another quality was enthusiasm for their lesson.  Realising that their enthusiasm was infectious, the children realised they had to inject extra energy into every session they taught which lead to an increase in dedication and commitment from everyone involved in the learning.  Communication was another vital skill developed. Inspiring others to reach a given goal was harder than they first thought.  To get others to reach their goals required effective communication, which, when working with children they don’t know, proved challenging.  For instance, after their first session, where the children couldn’t hear their instructions very well, the Feel Good Ambassadors realised they had to split up and lead a group each, ensuring all children understood the task, maximising learning time.

Thank you to all of the Feel Good Ambassadors, Ms Lewis, Omar’s mum and Mr Hayes for taking part and supporting.

UKS2 Swimming Gala

Eager and raring to go, sixteen of our very best swimmers left to take part in the borough swimming gala. The children quickly settled down and had their lunch so their food could settle before the start of the races.  For most children, they took part in an individual race and then a relay with a team. Thank you to all the children for their hard work and determination. 

Well done to Sarai who overall was the fastest swimmer in the borough at 17:17 seconds for 25m!

Unfortunately, we couldn’t take any photos on the poolside but I’m sure if you ask any of the children- or the parents and guardians who came to support us- they’ll tell you how well the children all achieved.

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