UKS2 Boys Kwik Cricket - June 2019

Written on: Monday 10 June 2019

Cycle UKS2 Boys Kwik Cricket – Thursday 6th June 2019
What a strange day of weather we experience last week Thursday.  We had sunshine, rain and extreme wind.  The children were split into Team A (Year 6) and Team B (Year 5).  The Year 5 team represented South Grove beautifully with impeccable behaviour.  Their cricket skills developed within each game and some of them made some fantastic bowls and batting.

Below are some recounts from the Year 6 children:

Once we had arrived, we decided to cram in as much cricket practice as possible before gathering with all the teams to be told all the rules. Group A was placed on a pitch where we played first. Thanks to all our cricket practice, we won the match with many people getting sixes - Rayyan even managed to get three sixes in a row! We went to the next match... rain disturbed us only slightly. Our next competitors were tough but we were able to spot their weaknesses and benefit from it. Another win came to South Grove A.                           
 By Saad and Rayyan, 6M

Once all the schools had played each other, we got the results that we had passed through to the quarter final.  We raced to the new pitch and sighted our opponent.  We had no time to practice. We had no choice but to win. In my head, I thought that losing would never be an option because we needed to go to the semi-finals. Rayyan (one of my friends) was one of the best bowlers in the team-he bowled so many people out.  Eventually, it was my teams turn to bat. My team was SMASHING all those sixes! We knew we would win. And we did!
By Muhammed Ali, 6M

We finally made it to the finals after very a tough semi final, we decided the first to bowl were my very good friends (Rayyan and Saad).  Rayyan made an amazing quick catch.  We tried our best and got many outs, as well as good catches.  Our fielding possessions were good.  However, we could have improved.  Later, when we batted, me (Ahmad: The Captain) made 14 runs in 3 balls.  Leading to making my partner smashing 2 sixes.  Murtaza smashed many runs as well as the others. Unluckily, we had 3 outs (1 out = -5 runs) which caused us to lose by 6 runs. However, our opposition were very good and both of the teams deserved to make it through to the finals.
By Cricket Captain, Ahmad, 6M

It is with great pleasure to announce that the Boys Cricket team are the very first school in the history of South Grove to make it through to a London Youth Games Final. The children and I, will be looking through the videos from the day to see where our weaknesses were and thinking about our strategies for the finals on Tuesday 25th June.  

We all wish them the best of luck!


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