Eid Celebration Assembly

Written on: Tuesday 11 June 2019

Well done to Years 4 and 5 for their lovely Eid Celebration Assembly on Friday. It was very informative for the audience, with the children sharing the reasons for the Eid Celebration and what it means to those that hold the Muslim faith.

The fashion show shared the children’s special clothes that they wear. It was particularly nice to hear the children’s own experiences of how they celebrated Eid with their families and what they did. Everyone joined in the Eid song at the end with Miss Matthews helping the children sign in Makaton.

Thank you to Mrs Sandhu-Hanif and Miss McCarthy for helping the children put their assembly together.

Eid is a day of celebration.  It’s when we all get together and celebrate Eid.  Girls like to decorate their hands with henna and nail polish.  On Eid lots of people like to wear beautiful, sparkly dresses and bangles and earrings, necklaces and make up.  We get money and gifts.

I liked how the children on stage were doing the fashion show. They were very confident.  I liked the way the whole school was participating for the song.

By Aisha 5D

Here is what the parents had to say:

‘The assembly was amazing, very interesting.’

‘A very jolly celebration. I liked the upbeat music, but all the talk of chicken,

biryani, cakes and sweets has made me feel hungry now….’

‘Amazing, really enjoyed it!’

‘Lovely assembly. Eid Mubarak to all!’

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