Whole School Assembly – The Stone Age v The Present Day!

Written on: Tuesday 03 March 2020

Well done to 3P or I think it was 3P! Some were dressed in fur skins and others as present day children. The children shared with the eager audience fascinating facts through songs, drama and art work.

They made some lovely pots from clay and images of cave paintings which were wonderful.

We were treated to the children making great comparisons between Stone Age times and present day, from weapons, to food and modern technology.

It was very clear that this is a favourite topic and one where they have a great deal of fun.

However, in the audience there was a rival tribe – a pirate’s ship of over sixty mini pirates (in the form of RM and RW!). They were all dressed up brilliantly and ready to enjoy their own pirates shindig day!

Our thanks as always go to Mr Perna and Mr Sill for all their hard work in putting the assembly together. It is very much appreciated.

Thank you too to all our supportive parents.

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