Silly Science

Written on: Monday 09 March 2020

Not a typical day at South Grove school: Live fire in the palms of our hands! Explosions left, right and centre! Flying rockets soaring before our eyes! Chemical reactions! Objects defying gravity! And bubbles... lots of bubbles! These were just a few of the amazing things we saw during our science tour of discovery. Professor Nitrate helped us realise that science is everywhere and that we have the potential to discover new things every day!

I liked everything that Professor Nitrate showed us! He made things fly and when they came down it was called gravity! He made fire and we learned you need fuel, heat and oxygen! I had a great day!

-Aaliyah (1D)

It was really fun and it was interesting. I liked finding out and watching new experiments from Professor Nitrate. I also enjoyed learning about scientists in class with my teacher. I want to do more science.

-Quinn 2DM

At the Silly Science Workshop we watched Professor Nitrate do exciting experiments. It was very interesting.

- Amelie 5M

When we were at the Silly Science Workshop we watched Professor Nitrates do marvelous experiments such as, showing us a state of matter which was a solid and liquid. Professor Nitrate also showed us what a fire needs, this was heat, fuel and oxygen.

-Maja 5M 

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