World Book Day Celebrations – Thursday 5th March

Written on: Monday 09 March 2020

Last Thursday South Grove looked like an explosion in a library!  Around the school Stick Men mingled with Pirates, Wallies, princesses, a menagerie of animals, a small annex of Hogwarts and a myriad of other characters from the children’s (and staff’s) favourite books.   We had a wonderful extra whole school assembly with Year 6 and Drama Club each performing magnificently for the whole school

Finally, a massive thank you to all parents who supported the children by dressing them up. It was difficult but a prize of a £5.00 voucher will be given to each of the following children for their World Book Day costumes.   Absolutely brilliant!  Have a look on the website for photos of all the wonderful outfits.


Nursery am        

Nursery pm       Olivia
Reception         Aisha (RM) 
Year 1                Alaysia Mai (1D) 
Year 2              Quinn (2DM)
Year 3              Saalih (3SH)
Year 4             Nicole (4H)
Year 5               Amelie (5M)
Year 6                   Rowan (6M)
PLM                   Harris

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