Mental Health and Well Being

Written on: Wednesday 25 March 2020

You might be worried about coronavirus (also known as COVID-19) and how it could affect your life and your families. This may include being asked to stay at home or avoid other people.

This might feel difficult or stressful. But there are lots of things you can try that could help you and your families wellbeing.

Physical activity – try doing some simple exercises at home or dancing

Routines and keep busy – still get up at the same time and have meals at the same time

Be creative – there are lots of activities that can be found on the websites provided, as part of the home learning packages or simply have a look at Pinterest for some great ideas using things from home

Going outside – if you can get some fresh air away from crowds for one exercise a day

Connectivity- talk to people  – talk to family and friends, use skype/facetime to just check in and say hi or write a letter or note!

Relax Make time for yourself -  remember to try and stay calm and relax, and do something that makes you feel proud.

Look after your health – Try to exercise of you can, and make sure you’re eating healthily and getting plenty of sleep.

We have looked at some websites for you to support you:

Please download these useful resources:

Promoting Emotional Resilience Resource Pack

Responding to the coronavirus: resources for mental health and wellbeing

Wellbeing Week

Stay Active!

Imoves Website

Please see the below link to the imoves website. Teachers and parents can sign up for free to get lots of great resources. New resources will be added daily on the site and include active blasts as well as other activities to support literacy and maths. The website also has some meditation sessions which might be really useful for some students.

Our Parks

Great website with advice, and with their free videos, for families exercising at home as this cannot now take place in parks.



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