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Refugee Week 2020

Written on: Monday 15 June 2020







Refugee Week 2020


Young person drawing ‘human together’ during a refugee workshop

Download our new Refugee Week resource to help 7-11 year-olds develop empathy and understanding. Inspiring activities can be used for home-schooling, online lessons or independent learning during Refugee Week (15-21 June) and beyond.

Through powerful stories, role play activities, films, creative writing and more, learners will explore the theme ‘Imagine’. Imagination and real-life stories help build our understanding. Can learners imagine a kinder world which is full of empathy, understanding and mutual respect?

  • Stories of young refugees arriving in the UK will spark imagination and help develop empathy.
  • Explore the word empathy – what does it really mean? How do we feel in different scenarios?
  • Creative activities include building an empathy tree, writing letters to refugees and exploring ways we could welcome refugees to the community.
  • Key facts and background information for educators and parents help support the learning of this topic.

These are just a taster of what to expect from our new resource Refugee Week 2020: imagine a kinder world.

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We’ve got more resources on refugees and migration on our website.

If you’d like to do more to explore and promote the value of kindness you can use our coronavirus kindness hub. Activities include a kindness calendar, colouring activities, first aid as well as ways to cope and build resilience.

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