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Sports Days 2023

Written on: Wednesday 28 June 2023

Firstly can I say thank you to all the verbal messages on Friday regarding the Sports Days. The parents were so very impressed by the organization of the KS2 and KS1 Sports Days, thank you to Ms Young for all her hard work, and they particularly noted the work of the Sports Ambassadors who worked tirelessly to support our younger children engage and enjoy the sports activities, showing them how to do the races to be successful, holding their hands when reluctant or shy and providing lots of visible encouragement through stickers, including a few for the Head Teacher!!

My thanks go to Ms Young for her impeccable organization of the Sports Days, the staff that helped set up and to the Sports Ambassadors for helping make both days a success.  And of course, to all parents and carers that attended to cheer and encourage their children on.  It never goes unnoticed. Here is a lovely email received from a parent over the weekend:

I am Aamina's mom from year 1L. Today was a very wonderful and energetic day. Enjoyed the sports day alot! 

Thank you school for inviting us. 

Empowered to explore, inspired to learn