PROVISION 2014 - 2015: PLM Airport Day 2015

Written on: Tuesday 09 June 2015

During Topic PLM have been learning about airports, travel  and holiday destinations. The children learnt how to choose their holiday destination through brochures, choose what clothing they would need to pack and the procedures required while at the airport.

PLM thoroughly enjoyed airport day. The children began their journey by queing at the check-in desk. They were scanned and asked to show their passports at airport control to allow them through to duty free. The children were  able to buy duty free goods and eat food at the restaurant in this area. After spending time in this area they were called to the departure lounge where they waited for their flight.  Once on the aircraft, PLM airlines, the plane took off and they watched an in flight movie and of course had refreshments.   The children arrived at their holiday destination, Turkey, safe and sound.  The children went though passport control and collected their baggage. Once in Turkey the children learnt some traditional Turkish dances and had a fantastic holiday.  All the children were involved in the activities and as you can see from the photos they had a fabulous time.  

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