Parent Workshops

At South Grove we understand that working in partnership is vital in supporting the educational and social development of our children.

We regularly hold Parent Workshops and Presentations to support parents in understanding what the children are learning and how it is taught in different Year Groups. Most importantly these are intended to help parents support their child’s learning and encourage them in whatever they are doing.

By clicking on the links to the recent Parental Presentations that were held parents will be able to see what the school is focusing on in order to develop the children’s learning but also how they can be supported.

Calling All Year 6 Parents

After Half term, (November 2nd ) and every Friday starting at 2:30 pm, Ms Spain will be hosting Sat's preparation  workshop sessions for Parents and Carers. This is open to all Year 6 parents in the lead-up to Sats.

This is the 3rd Year running of this workshop and parents have found it to be very useful in previous years

Please join!

Visible Learning

  • Did  You  Attend The  Parents Information Sessions?
  • Have You Heard about Visible Learning?
  • Have a read though the slides (that you can download below) and find out about some of the informative research into learning that the Staff and Children at South Grove have been involved in.

Any Questions or if you are interested in our research, let the office know.

(pdf 3.04mb)

Parent Presentation - Visible Learning

During the Year Group Presentations we launched the Visible Learning Program that the school is involved in which is a research based program for staff to explore what makes the best learner, how staff can facilitate this and how we can develop the visible learning classroom and visible learning children.

Empowered to explore, inspired to learn