Music at South Grove Primary

Autumn Concert Friday 4th November

We were treated to a fantastic performance by Key stage 2 children from choir, recorder club, keyboard club, guitar club, and children who are learning violin, clarinet, flute or oboe. From our beginners making their debut performance, to our more experienced players who are now working for music medals and grade exams, we heard a wide variety of music, with every children doing themselves proud. Well done to everyone who took part - have a look at our gallery of photos to see some of them in action! If your child is interested in learning any of these instruments please speak to Mrs Turl to find out more.

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Year 2 Musical Story - The Duck with no Luck

Year 2 went to a Brightsparks Concert at the Royal Festival Hall in February 2016 to hear the London Philharmonic Orchestra play a musical version of 'The Duck with no Luck'. When they got back they created their own musical version of the story...

Year 3 Class Band

In the Summer Term Yr 3 have been learning how to perform as a band. See how they are getting on...

Year 5 Samba Band at the School Fair

Year 5 have been learning about cyclic rhythms in West African and Brazilian music. Here is their Brazilian Samba Band performing at South Grove's Summer Fair.

Year 6 Have got the Blues...

Year 6 have been learning about Blues music and composing their own Blues song. Watch this video of them performing to see what is making them feel fed up...

Summer Concert 2016

At the end of the Summer Term our talented pupils from year 2 - 6 gave performances on recorder, guitar, keyboard, violin, oboe, flute, clarinet and cello. Here are a selection of photos from the concerts.

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