Activities Within The Provision

We are very proud to provide many learning experiences through a wide variety of activities.  These include physical activities such as swimming, which we do every year. There are also opportunities on a rotational basis (finances permitting) to do trampoline and extreme sports activities. These build on strength, agility and determination. We also go ice-skating at Lea Valley which aids with balance and gross motor skills. We have had the opportunity to complete a 6 week cycling course at the at the Velodrome. On occasions we have had the opportunity to try horse riding. We are always looking for new experiences and activities for the children to try.


Swimming is extremely important as it not only develops gross motor and coordination but is also a life skill. The children learn new skills, water confidence and work towards the different stages and receive a certificate in this subject.

Trampoline and Extreme Sports

All the children really show great enjoyment at trampoline and extreme sports sessions. The agility and stamina, and skills they develop is of great benefit to not only their gross motor, fine motor but also their general well being!


I was truly amazed at the speed in which the children learned to ride a bike. The children began sessions by learning to balance on the bike. Then they were encouraged to pedal. After 6 weeks the majority of the children were cycling freely.

Ice skating

I am amazed at the progress these children make during ice skating in just 6 lessons with an instructor.I have had the pleasure to watch these children hold on to the side of the barrier for their initial lesson and by the sixth lesson they are speeding around the ice rink.  They are able to touch their toes while moving and can make small jumps.  They are able to turn on the spot and get up from sitting position on the ice.  The progression of their coordination and balance is truly amazing.These children's speaking and listening skills have really improved as they have to listen to the teachers and follow instructions.The language that is generated by the excitement of these activities is remarkable.

Empowered to explore, inspired to learn