We follow the national curriculum and if necessary it is adapted at a level that each individual child can access and personalised for their needs.

Spring 1st Term

For the first half term PLM are learning about The Active Planet, which means we are learning about natural disasters! We are concentrating on Volcanoes and will be encouraging the parents to work on a research project with your children to make a volcano, to bring into school by Friday 1st February.  We will be experimenting with different ways to make our volcanoes erupt. This topic will be taught through differentiated work and practical activities also the use of Attention Autism stages 1 to 4.

Spring 2nd Term

During the 2nd term PLM will be learning about Footprints from the Past. For this topic we will be learning about the different types of dinosaurs that once lived on earth and what they liked to eat. We will also look at fossPLM are looking forward to having a fun packed year of learning.ils and various artefacts to aid in their learning.

PLM are looking forward to having a fun packed year of learning.

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Overview - PLM - Summer 2019 - Second Half Term

Our Topic this half term is Material World

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Overview - PLM - Summer 2019 - First Half Term

Our Topic this half term is Fashion

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Overview - PLM - Spring 2019 - Second Half Term

PLM Y4 curriculum adapted This half term our topic is Footprints from the past

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