Year 2 Introduction

Welcome to Year 2!

Here is the Year Two SATs/Assessment Presentation to parents which we delivered in January. It would be useful for all parents who were unable to attend the parent meeting to look at this. It is also a good reference point for parents who were there, to re cap on assessment in Year Two 2018.

Year 2 Parent Presentation for the Academic Year 2018 - 2019

This Presentation was shown to parents in September 2018

Year 2 Parent Meeting Presentation on SATs - February 2019

This presentation will inform you about the changes that have been made to the SATs tests that your child will take in May 2019.

Parent Presentation - Visible Learning

‘How we accelerate your child’s progress through Visible Learning’



3.15pm - Y2 Parents SATs meeting
Wednesday 24 January 2018
2A Assembly – 9.15am
Friday 02 February 2018
Year 2,3,4 Christmas Party
Tuesday 18 December 2018

We would be very grateful for donations of food and drink and have listed suggestions below for you. I have also listed those items that we do not wish to have...

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2A Pirate Day
Friday 01 March 2019
2A to the Transport Museum
Wednesday 27 March 2019
2F to London Transport Museum
Tuesday 23 April 2019
Year 2 to Sikh Gurdwara
Wednesday 01 May 2019
Y2 to Southend
Friday 05 July 2019


Wednesday 14 November 2018

Heroes, Heroines, Nightingale, and Bananas!...

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Wednesday 11 October 2017

2F celebrated with the whole school and a lovely large group of parents their assembly based on their topic of Heroes....

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Thursday 09 February 2017

Shiver me timbers! South Grove was awash with fiercesome pirates on Friday!...

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Wednesday 13 April 2016

In February, Year 2 went to a Brightsparks concert at the Festival Hall, where we heard a performance of a musical version of 'The Duck with no Luck'...

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Monday 08 February 2016

2K have been learning all about being Pirates!...

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