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In memory….

Friday 22 October 2021

In memory….

We have designed a Memory Book for Miss Haq’s famiily and will begin to collect special memories for the book.

The children will be able to write their messages and memories at school. If parents wish to contribute to the book can you email parents@southgrove.waltham.sch.uk and request some blank message cards. These will be given to your child to bring home.

These can be filled in at home and sent back to school via your children. We suggest an illustration/picture  on the outside and the message inside.

We would like as many parents in our school community to contribute to make it a very special memory book for Miss Haq’s family. We would like to collect all of these in by week ending Friday 22nd October. This should give us enough time to collate the Memory Book.

As you may remember we wanted to purchase something in lasting memory of Miss Haq to have in school that the chidren will be able to remember her by. We have two suggestions from staff and children.

Firstly to purchase a lovely cherry tree that will blossom pure white flowers in Spring and bear fruit during the Summer. We felt that this would have the purpose of not only looking very pretty and for the children to admire, but also assist nature by providing food for the birds.

Secondly, we thought that Miss Haq  would love to have a friendship bench for the children and that they would in turn, remember how she always worked with the children to encourage friendship and kindness. It is hoped to buy this in a composite material so that it will last.

We would love to put these items into the quiet area of the KS2 playground. We need to raise around £500.00 to do this. We would be very grateful if parents would like to make donations to help the staff and children remember her by  and do so in a tranquil area.

If parents can donate, please contribute via ParentPay.

Empowered to explore, inspired to learn