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Gallery: CLASS OF 2018-19 || January 2019 || Year 6 at the Bett Exhibition

On Thursday 24th January, six children from Year 6 had the opportunity to attend the Bett Exhibition at the London Excel Centre. The children took centre stage on one of the stands to model one of the resources we use in our school (Learning by Questions). They also had the opportunity to explore the Bett show experimenting with the latest technology available to schools. The children had great fun trying out the many virtual reality headsets as well as controlling different mechanical robots. Take a look at our pictures from the day!

  • Saad said, “We had great fun whilst supporting LbQ. My favourite part of the exhibition was the VR headset!”
  • Akash said, “I loved trying out the games using the VR headset. We loved the football robots which we controlled with the iPads.”
  • Sarai said, “I loved taking the stage and showing my skills on LbQ.”
  • Aiden said, “I loved trying out the different VR headsets because there were some really cool games which had interesting effects.”
  • Jacob said, “I liked the freedom when looking around the Bett show. We could decide where we wanted to go and take pictures of the educational technology.”
  • Jiya said, “I loved the robot. We told it what to do e.g. dancing and singing and it would do it!”
Empowered to explore, inspired to learn