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RM Assembly May 2019 - Plants and growing!

Written on: Monday 03 June 2019

RM  produced a fabulous showcase of what they have been up to in their class during this half-Term. It was their first assembly and a very memorable one!  The children shared everything that they have been doing in their classroom and outdoors. The assembly began with a lovely showcase of the children’s still life of flowers. They were excellent! Videos showed the children are becoming budding gardeners with their planting and growing in the Reception garden – sunflowers and strawberries to name a few plants. They even showed what was growing in the Secret Garden.

Their work has included looking at and naming the parts of the flowers – a lovely ‘live’ plant showed us exactly what the parts of the flower were.

Bean planting was next with the children demonstrating their scientific skills of experimenting with beans that have not had water, air or sunlight. They sung a gardener’s song to demonstrate what they needed to do to grow plants. Thank you to Miss Matthews for her support in teaching the children all the actions.

They used their mathematical skills to measure the height of their beans and the giant from the story Jack and the Beanstalk! Back to being scientists the children were able to prove that plants drink water. They added coloured water to show how it travelled up the stems. Very clever!

Finally, the children still had the energy to re-tell the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. The narration and actors were very confident. We all loved the way the beanstalk grew!! The children finished off with a lovely song called Fee Fi Fo Fum about the giant.

Thanks go to Ms McNaugton, Mrs Mohammed and Miss Tobin for their support with the children. Well done RM!

Here is what the parents had to say:

‘Fantastic assembly RM. Great singing!’

‘Nice assembly, well done RM! Keep it up!’

‘Very good assembly.  Happy to see their confidence.’

‘Amazing! It showed all the work teachers and children and all staff have put in! Thanks!’


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Empowered to explore, inspired to learn