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UKS2 Tour De Waltham Forest – Wednesday 7th July

Written on: Wednesday 21 July 2021

To the delight of myself and Ms Montgomery, Mini Tour de Waltham Forest was back on!  As we had previously won, our expectations were high but, because of Covid restrictions, we were not able to hold any cycling or racing training.

The weather tried to dampen our spirits but luck was on our side and the rain managed to hold off for the afternoon.  We arrived early so we could inspect the course and eat our lunch whilst listening to advice about how to take corners, when to power through and when to take a controlled turn.

The scoring was different to our previous experiences and we were left in the dark about how we had done.  As the schools were read out in order, the children waited patiently.  Second place was awarded to Willow Brook with South Grove receiving 1st place again. We won!  We had managed to reclaim our title. Screams and cheers echoed around as the children rose like champions to collect the team trophy.  After a horrendous 16 months, this was exactly what the school needed. 

Photos from the council’s photographer will be loaded to the school website as soon as they become available.  But for now, you’ll have to settle with the photos which I took.

Here’s a quick report from Amelie in 6H:

‘On Wednesday, eight children were selected from Year 6 to go to Leyton Jubilee Park to attend a cycling competition. There we raced the other schools taking part_ and won!  We also took part in many other fun activities such as jukebox cycling and made a smoothie using the electricity we powered from the bike to blend it.’ 



See more Pictures Here!

Empowered to explore, inspired to learn