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UKS2 Sportshall Athletics

Written on: Monday 22 November 2021

On Friday 12th November, twenty one children from Year 5 & 6 went to a Sportshall athletics competition at Peter May Sports Centre.  The team were chosen according to their scores taking during intra school competitions, PE lessons and personal best (lunch time) challenges.

First up, the field events. The children quickly listened to instructions and were off.  They took part in different events including: chest push, standing long jump, triple jump, vertical jump, javelin and speed bounce.  Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get many pictures of our field events as everything went by so quickly. Time then came for our track events.  This involved an obstacle relay, over/under relay, 1+1 lap, 2+2 lap, 6 lap and 4X1 lap relays.  Here are our results for our track events for which 5 schools took part:

Results for track

Obstacle relay

Over/Under relay

1 + 1 relay

2 + 2 relay

6 Lap Paarlauf

4 X 1 relay

Girls team







Boys team









Results for field

Chest push

Long jump

Triple jump

Vertical jump


Speed bounce

Girls team

Annaliese: 5.8m

Douaa: 5.5m

Zurelle: 4.8m

Nicola: 1.7m

Mahi: 1.58m

Mahi: 1.64m

Zaynab: 5m


Amina: 1.32m

Nicole: 7.9m

Siyana: 7.3m

Zurelle: 7.1m

Maryam: 28

Rosa: 40

Douaa: 34

Boys team

Marvin: 7.6m

James: 7.3m

Mathuran: 5.3m

Zak: 1.68m

Timmi: 1.61m

Haider: 1.75m

Timmi: 5.1m

Igor: 4.26m

Zak: 1.38m

Haider: 1.39m

James: 1.44m


Yusuf: 15.9m

Mathuran: 5.5m

Igor: 41

Noufel: 31

Ridwan: 24

Looking at the scores, I’m sure you’ll agree that we did extremely well.  

Overall we had fantastic day at Peter May sports centre.  Our Year 5 team mates are looking forward to the possibility of representing the school again next year

As sporthall is one of the biggest sporting events for School Games competitions, there are four different sessions being held.  We therefore have to wait for our results.  Fingers crossed!


Empowered to explore, inspired to learn