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Edwin is Back!

Written on: Monday 06 December 2021

Edwin says Good bye to South Grove!


Day 1 - Edwin Arrives!



Day 2 - Edwin Arrives in Year 1!


Day 3 - Edwin Invades Year 3!

Edwin was very naughty in year three today. He drew on the interactive whiteboards and then hid in some toilet rolls on top of a cupboard. We hope that his behaviour improves.


Day 4 - Edwin Swings through Year 5!


Day 5 - Edwin has been makes mischief in Nursery!


Day 6 - Edwin had a suprise for Year 2!


Day 7 - Edwin Elf gets into a sticky situation in Year 4!


Day 8 - Edwin decided to start Year 6's Christmas party early!


Day 9 - Edwin tells PLM 'keep two metres apart!'

Day 10 - Edwin has been busy in Reception

Day 11 - Edwin is in trouble with Miss Maltwood!

Empowered to explore, inspired to learn