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UKS2 Basketball March 2022

Written on: Monday 14 March 2022

On Tuesday 8th March, 10 children from Year 5 and 6 went to Holy Family to take part in a basketball competition.

Below are their results:

Yr 5 Team

Year 6 team

Henry Maynard B V South Grove B

0                             4

Baskets scored by: Mo & Joe, 5Y

South Grove A V Hillyfield Park A

0                         6

South Grove Yr5 V Mayville B

0                              6

 Buxton A V South Grove A

0                         8

Baskets scored by: Yusuf A X2, Nicole & Marvin, 6C

Our Lady Saint George V South Grove B

2                               6

Baskets scored by: Mo X3, 5Y

South Grove A V Gwyn Jones B

6                         4

Baskets scored by: Yusuf A & Marvin X2, 6C

South Grove B  V Hillyfield Hill B

4                                4

Baskets scored by: Joe and Zainab, 5Y

Thomas Gamuel V South Grove A

0                        4

Baskets scored by: Nicole & Marvin, 6C

South Grove A V Winns B

2                         0

Baskets scored by: Marvin, 6C

Total points: 11 points

Total points: 21 points

Ranking:  South Grove Team B 1st place

South Grove Team A Joint 1st with Hillyfield Park A.

Semi-final playoff:


South Grove B V Mayville B

 0                          2

Because we lost when we played against Hillyfield Park, they went through to the finals so sadly we went into second place.


Here are some quotes from the children who took part:

“I felt nervous when I first stepped onto the court because I was the only girl on the team and I had to play the whole time.  However, after the first game, where we won, my confidence grew and I loved every minute”  Zainab, 5Y

“I felt quite nervous before the first game because I saw all of the schools but once I was there for a bit my nerves calmed down and I scored quite a bit. I am also quite happy that we went to the semi-finals because we got quite further than I expected.”   Joe, 5Y


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