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Scoot Fit Workshop 2022

Written on: Friday 18 March 2022

On Monday 28th February and Tuesday 1st March, children in Years 1-6 and PLM took part in Scoot Fit which was funded by the school’s Sport Premium.  The experience day was like a disco on two wheels (some on three) with the whole school scooting with enjoyment.  This event encouraged the children to get involved in active and sustainable travel whilst learning valuable scooting skills.  But most importantly we had fun which is important for our mental health.

Here are some quotes from some of the children:

Heard through a window, one child in 2DM exclaimed, “That was seriously the best day of school…ever!”

                                                                                                                            Unknown child, 2DM

“I loved riding the scooter outside, it was fun and I enjoyed going fast”

                                                                                                        Hussain, 3B

"I loved doing sick tricks that I actually learned. It felt really good to finally use a scooter again after 3 years."                                                                              

Joe, 4P

“I loved Scoot Fit because as well improving on my scooting skills, we were able to listen to music.  I enjoyed the person who taught us [James] as he was really enthusiastic and funny”                                                                             

Mardiya, 5H

"I really liked our lesson with ScootFit because I was struggling to balance on the scooter but James (ScootFit instructor) helped me to become more confident and made me feel better."                                                                       

Usmaan, 6M

"In ScootFit, we went over small ramps and scooted around the playground. I really enjoyed it because music was played and everyone loved singing along. It really made us in a good mood and everybody had a great time."                                                                                                                                                     

Iris, 6M

Empowered to explore, inspired to learn