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UKS2 Feel Good Ambassadors @ the Commonwealth Games

Written on: Tuesday 19 July 2022

Due to the success of previous years leading the Value Games and Active Learning festivals, we were once again invited back on the 23rd June.

The Feel Good Ambassadors attended training sessions and developed lesson plans, alongside myself, to support their teaching.  They each had a different lesson with a focus on pupil engagement.  These were the three lessons, which they taught:

  1. Orienteering
  2. Speed stacking
  3. Relay races

The event was a huge success with the children gaining valuable experience in various leadership qualities.  As leaders of their own event, awareness was key. The children quickly learned to adapt to different scenarios: reacting to certain styles of learning and tones of their voice to engage their audience.  Another quality was enthusiasm for their lesson.  Realising that their enthusiasm was infectious, the children realised they had to inject extra energy into every session they taught which lead to an increase in dedication and commitment from everyone involved in the learning.  Communication was another vital skill developed. Inspiring others to reach a given goal was harder than they first thought.  To get others to reach their goals required effective communication, which, when working with children they don’t know, proved challenging.  For instance, after their first session, where the children couldn’t hear their instructions very well, the Feel Good Ambassadors realised they had to split up and lead a group each, ensuring all children understood the task, maximising learning time.

Thank you to all of the Feel Good Ambassadors for all of their hard work.

Empowered to explore, inspired to learn