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What have PLM been up to this Term?

Written on: Tuesday 04 June 2019

Piet Mondrian

During the summer term PLM have been having lots of fun learning! We have been learning about an artist call Piet Mondrian who liked to create abstract art. We have been making pictures in his style.

Here are some of our versions of his style of picture:


We have  been looking at fashion over the years and have been making our own slippers during D&T.  We loved making new clothes by up-cycling our old t-shirts and also making bags out of old t-shirts.  It’s amazing what you can do with old unwanted clothes.

What makes Sound?

During our science topic we have been learning about what makes sound. The children learned that vibrations make sounds. They really enjoyed the song we learnt about vibrations and investigating ways to make instruments make sounds. We finished off the topic by making our own instruments.

Empowered to explore, inspired to learn